Well, we think so! There has never been a better time to start a pet business. Even though World economies may be fluctuating, pet ownership is on the increase. 68% of US households own a pet (82.5 million homes), whilst 46% of UK households have one or more pets (making that a whopping pet population of 65 million including those who own fish). 57% of Canadians own a pet, with more cat owners than dog owners in the Country, Australian owners lovingly care for over 33 million pets and in Japan the pet population of 22 million is more than the population of children which is a mere 16.6 million! So there is officially enough dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, fish etc to keep every pet care business professional busy and earning a healthy profit – and you get to work with pets all day long!

An increase in pet ownership can only mean an increase in the need for pet care professionals, particularly with people working longer hours and taking more or longer holidays. Every year Pet Care businesses earn over £1.6 billion in the UK (US$ 7 billion) for their business owners. Gone are the days when dog walking, pet sitting, grooming and pet training were seen as hobby businesses. The average annual income of a qualified and experienced pet sitter is in the region of £44,000 (US$55,000, AUS$72,000, CAN$73,000, €52,000), and that is before they have hired any additional team members! Income for those with 2 or more employees ranges from £58,000-£100,000+.

Employment in the pet care industry is expected to grow by 15% by 2022, faster than the average industry and it has proven time and time again to thrive in any economy, even at times of recession. Starting your own dog walking and pet sitting business is particularly great for Mums (and Dads’) looking for child-friendly business opportunities and those who want to work part-time.

So go ahead and start your pet care business today! You won’t regret it!

Good luck,

The Pet Business Academy Team


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